Trip reports

On this page you can find trip reports of my travels. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you with any kind of travel/mammal/bird information.

Rumania: Trip report Rumania 2009
We visited: Retezat NP, Brasov, Bucegi NP and the Danube Delta. We saw a.o.: Eurasian brown bear and European Souslik

Argentina and Chile:  Trip report A&C 2010
We visited: Iguazu national park, Esteros del Iberá, Parque nacional El Rey, Parque nacional Calilegua, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Parque nacional Los Cardones, San Pedro de Atacama (Salar de Tara, El Tatio), Isla de Chiloë (Chepu, Chaquín, Puñihuil), Peninsula Valdés
We saw a.o.: brocket deer, marsh deer, black howler, plain’s vizcacha, brazilian tapir, white-lipped peccari, six-banded armadillo, pudu, southern river otter, marine otter, large hairy armadillo, patagonian hare, killer whale and southern right whale

Costa Rica: Trip report Costa Rica 2011
(mammals, amphibians, reptiles and a little bit of birds)
We visited: Poás Volcano NP, Tirimbina, RaRa Avis ecolodge, La Selva, Tortuguero NP, Arénal Volcano area, Monteverde area, Carara NP, Manuel Antonio NP, Corcovado NP and San Gerardo de Dota
We saw a.o.: neotropical river otter, bushy-tailed olingo, Braid’s tapir, Northern tamandua, grey four-eyed opossum and Honduran white bat.

Poland 2011: Trip report Poland 2011
We visited Popowka, Bialowieza NP and drove through Kampinos NP.
We saw a.o.: pine marten, beech marten, raccoon dog, beaver, elk and wisent.

Germany Black Forest 2011&2012: Trip report Black forest 2011&2012

Spain 2011&2012: Spain 2012 trip report
(mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and others)
We visited: Sierra de Andujar, Sierra Nevada, Ronda, Tarifa, Rota, Coto Doñana, the area around Trujillo, Monfragüe NP, Sierra de la Culebra and Villafafila.
We saw a.o.: genet, otter, Egyptian mongoose, Iberian ibex, Iberian lynx and Iberian hare.


England 2015: Trip report UK 2015
We saw a.o.: muntjac, Chinese water deer, otter, weasel, harvest mouse, water shrew and grey seal.


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